How to Dress for Your First Day of Work

Starting my first day at PwC tomorrow, I've been scouring my closet for the perfect outfit. They say first impression are everything, which is even more reason picking a first-day outfit is stressful. Based on my experience, I thought I’d post a couple rules for you all to follow when you face a similar dilemma. 1) Stay conservative - your first day is pretty important and you don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. An easy to avoid making any mistakes is choosing a fairly conservative outfit for your first day. This means no sleeveless tops, low-cut tops, or brightly colored/patterned tops. If you’re going to wear a skirt, make sure it hit your knee (your actual knee!). Same concept for jewelry, minimal (personally I’m a big fan of pearls :o))

2) Wear your “interview” heels - shoes are always particularly tricky. Mainly because if your heel is too high, you’re a whore, if its too low, you don’t care enough. My rule of thumb is the pick the type of shoe I’d wear to an interview (I know I’m not particularly excited about those shoes either!) But this means a low (2-3 in) heel in a neutral color.

3) Put on some make-up - make-up is another tricky aspect but you want to wear just enough to look put together but not to the point where you look ready for a night out. For me this usually means concealer, a little liner(in a brown), mascara, and a very natural lip color.

4) Keep your hair simple - if you’re like me and you play with your hair keep it up or half up. Personally, I’m a big fan of the half-up look because its not too severe but still professional.

5) Pay attention - this is more of a general rule, but take inventory of how everyone dresses when you go in for an interview. In all honestly, I’d go slightly more formal than that (another interview dressing rule). But you don’t want to show up at a jeans and t-shirt wearing company in a pencil skirt and a button down!