Playing Princess


Do you guys watch that show Reign? The outfits on that show are amazing! I love how they've modernized all the clothes; All that lace, embroidery, and beading is to die for! And who can forget those incredible head-pieces! Oh what I'd do to get my hands on some of those headband/tiaras! Of course, there are some great regal headbands on the market (particularly from Jennifer Behr) but I don't wear headbands enough to drop $200+ on one. So I did what any other resourceful girl would do; I made my own. I scoured the craft stores and Etsy for some pretty ribbon or embroidered pieces  and found tons of usable material. But then I was taking out a bunch of my old clothes for Goodwill when I noticed an embroidered belt on one of the Indian outfits I had. So I cut it off and worked my sewing magic, and voila, I had a headband fit for a queen!

Of course I had to build a fun outfit around it! I had this dress in my closet for a couple years but for some reason I rarely wear it! With it's silk lining and gold beading, it really was the perfect dress to play princess in! I finished this outfit off with some chandelier earrings and nude pumps! Do you guys like?

xx ash.



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