How to Wear Sheer Clothing the Sexy (and not Skanky) Way

Sheer Tops

These days it seems everything I pick up is sheer or practically backless. Since a tank usually ends up ruining the fit of the shirt (or dress), I've found a couple of ways to embraces the sexiness that is bare skin. But there's a thin line between sexy and skanky. So I've a couple of rule I usually like to stick to, so I don't cross that line. And as always, I'd love to hear your thoughts/opinions!

1) Let the world know they're seeing what you allow them to see


For partially sheer tops or ones with low cut sides, I think a bright bra is best. Draw attention to your bra, and let the world know you wore it intentionally!

2) Embellish when necessary


For completely sheer tops that are cut low in the front, I think an embellished bra or one that's a little longer is best.

3) Stay modest


For completely sheer clothes, go for a bra with a little more coverage. I'm a bigger fan of black, but for a super risque look, go with a nude color.

4) Dare to be original

Sheer Tops

Finally, for tops that have sheer backs or are cut low in the back, pick a bra with a unique back.