Hallway or Runway? What to Wear this Fall Semester


Sweatpants are for lounging around the house, exercising, or, most preferably, ripped to rags for a carwash.  They are not a college uniform.  There is a difference between leggings and yoga pants.  Leggings don't do anything for your butt and are meant to be layered.   The cotton material is often so thin that if the bum isn't covered, you can see half of Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale walking around.  Denim cutoffs were a summer thing.   You can get away with it at a crowded festival, but not a crowded lecture hall.  And if the bottom of your bum is showing, you should never have worn them in the first place.   And I'm calling Time of Death for crop tops: August 2013.  If you invested half a paycheck in them this summer, you can cross your fingers that they make a comeback in spring--but observations from NYFW (so far) look like crops are the new Crocs.

When shopping for "Back to School" garments, keep in mind that you are still a student.  Your wardrobe should be fun and say something about you.  Buy pieces that have the ability to transition from classroom, to library, to bar (and/or house party).


Suggested Staple Pieces for Fall/Winter 2013/14: 

  • Leather Jacket (slap your wrist if you don't already own one)
  • White V Neck (an item that can literally be paired with any bottom)
  • Boyfriend Jeans + Belt (a great alternative for those ugly sweatpants)
  • Black Ankle Boots (great with slim leg pants, leggings, tights, and can even be worn with shorts or summer dress)
  • Boyfriend Sweater (again, anything 'boyfriend' is a great alternative to the sweatshirt)
  • Black Blazer (black can be paired with a lot of other colors and prints.  Make sure it fits well, is comfortable, and ends at the waist)
  • Black Pointed Heel (because why not)
  • A Chunky Watch (maybe your dad has one?  Ask if you can "borrow" it...you need to make sure you get to class on time!)x5

      What should be your "go to" store for a fall wardrobe?  We suggest H&M:


    Jeans $39.95, Blazer $29.95, V Neck $9.95, Clutch Bag $24.95, Loafers $29.95

    Another great way to change up your look is to create "high/low" outfits.  If you spend a lot of money on a skirt, pair it with a simple T Shirt.  Had a favorite summer dress?  Tie a flannel around the waist and wear a pair of boots.  Reference Saint Laurent's F/W 2013 collection.

    Our favorite trend that was seen on the runway was the Printed Pant.  Marc Jacobs did it best in his own line and with Louis Vuitton.

    marc jacobs for louis vuitton1


    When purchasing a pant with print, build the rest of your outfit around it.  Since so much will be going on below the waist, try to keep your torso simple.  Adding a statement necklace or a head accessory (headband, statement hair clip, hat) will also balance out the visual activity.  The shoe will decide if you're trying to be casual or dressy, so choose wisely.


    Marc Jacobs' color combinations are also very in trend for fall: rich maroons, burgundy, browns, teals, lighter shades of blue, and cherry reds.   Also, note the faux fur and keep it in mind for winter.




    Go for bold and give yourself a smokey eye.  Try shades of gold, chocolate, or a soft pink.   Dark, plum lips will also add drama to a look.



    "Grungey" street fashion hasn't lost it's charm quite yet.  Adding a floppy sock hat (which can literally be purchased at any store this autumn) or a backwards black snap-back (that fits loosely on the head--like an oversized effect) chills out a look and adds (I hate this word but can't think of anything better)...SWAG.

    OTHER LOOKS TO REFERENCE  (taken from Josephine Skriver's "Riot Girl" spread for Harper's Bazaar Latin America.  Photographed by Hans Neumann)