Glowy Pink Lipstick

pink lipstick indian

Shopping is a sport that often needs to be undertaken with careful planning. Each store has its own personality and shopping at the wrong store at the wrong time can ruin a trip (think Forever 21 when you're stressed and tired)! It seems the shops catering to beauty are especially susceptible to having strong personalities. If you're in the mood to date around, try lots of different things without making a commitment, you go to Sephora or Ulta. If you're on a mission or ready for a hard sell, a department store counter is the way to go. And finally, there's MAC. It's really a combination of the aforementioned stores, but with a edge. MAC is the place to go when you're feeling adventurous or willing to be talked into a look that's way outside of your comfort zone. And with the sheer number of fun and funky colors, plus the amazing make-up creations of the make-up artists themselves, is no wonder you can't help but to be inspired!

This pink lipstick is the result of one of my many MAC adventures. The color was so bright and pretty, I was drawn to it like a beacon. I just had to try it on, even if it was just for laughs.  But, instead of looking too bright and out of place on my super tan skin; it made me glow! So I knew it had to be mine! This is such great color to pair with bright or jewel toned colors, but I usually let the lipstick shine with minimal other make-up! Do you guys like the color?

Just FYI: the color is Impassion A63 from MAC

xx ash.