Fashion Advice to Beat the Heat


Summer in the midwest makes me feel like fashion is turning against me.  I'm uncomfortably warm, my shirt is sticking to my back, I really look cute in a tank top?  Like, really?  I'm not a fan of cutesy summer dresses and I've been partial to black since my 1st grade art class.  I stare longingly at my closet every morning and beg for a breeze to provide an excuse to add an extra layer.  After much consideration and sources of inspiration, I've put together some guidelines on how how to look goth chic in a humid heat.




1.  The Slouchy Tank: it's easy, it's breezy, and super comfortable.  Warm greys and dark shades of nudes still provide that neutral color feel but doesn't absorb the heat from the sun.

2.  Sheer Button Ups: if you pick up one from Forever 21, Topshop, or H&M, this shirt will most likely be 100% polyester.  The nice thing about that is you can throw it in your bag to wear after the beach and it won't wrinkle.  The lightness of the fabric gives you a little relief from the sun and the buttons allow you to show some cleavage!

3.  Shirts with Swag: summer gives you an excuse to try some unique outfits at places such as festivals, parties, or the beach.  Wear a tank top with an interesting cut-out detail, mix and match prints, layer tanks, or tie a light jacket around your waist.

4.  DENIM: high waisted denim shorts, denim shirts, denim tanks, denim jackets...embrace this 90's throwback fashion trend this summer.

5. The Maxi's: playing with proportions was a major trend on the runways for S/S 2013.  Try a maxi skirt with a crop top, tie up the bottom of a maxi dress in a side knot, throw a lace tank over that dress...get creative!

6. Statement Accessories: with basic tanks and shorts, make an outfit POP with statement jewelry pieces. Try a plum or teal colored necklace against black or grey or shades of reds against nudes.

Summer Inspirations:

acne rtw 1


acne 13 2


A WANG rtw 13

Alexander Wang

Draw inspiration from 80's punk fashion...bold colors, striking details, unique Amy Winehouse.

jpg spring c 12 2

jpg spring couture 2012 3jpg s couture 12 1Givenchy S/S Couture 2012