Embellished Sweatshirts under $100

Embellished sweatshirt I'm strictly a no sweats kind of girl. So you can image my dismay at the sheer number of dressy/embellished sweatshirts on the market. And then the unimaginable happened; I started to actually like the look! So I've given in and ordered a couple online but I seriously wishing for instant satisfaction. So while I waited, I thought I'd put together some budget friendly options and outfit ideas for y'all!

There are just so many ways to wear these upgraded sweatshirts! Here are some of my favorite:

Embellished Sweatshirts

Embellished Sweatshirts


Where to buy:

1. Topshop

2. Jcrew

3. Warehouse.com

4. Nelly.com

5. Nordstrom

6. Vero Moda

7. Nordstrom

8. JCrew