Budget Halloween: 13 Halloween Costumes Pulled from Your Closet

Vampire Witch Sexy

As much as I love Halloween, I hate spending tons of money for a costume I'm unlikely to ever wear again. So these days, I've started using my existing closet or using Halloween as an excuse to buy thing I've been seriously coveting. So whether you follow my train of thought or need a last minute idea here are some fun way to make a kick-ass costume from everyday items!


Vampire Witch Sexy

This is such a sexy idea that doesn't require you to go out in your underwear (no joke I've seen girls do that!). Leather leggings and a black tank - simple, sexy, and probably already in your closet. Spend your money accessorizing:

Witch - Witch hat and maybe a broom?

Vampire - Vampire teeth, a bat necklace, and if you're feeling gorey - some blood

Hit-Woman - Gun necklace and a maybe a plastic gun


Devil Halloween

Red dress plus some horns and a trident - can you get any easier?



For every devil, you need a angel! A white dress (or an all white outfit) make a great base for these three ideas.

Angel - Add wings and a Halo

Fairy - Just wings

Roman - Some great gladiator sandals and a wreath.



Another easy outfit - Some cut-offs (and if you don't have any, convert an old pair of jeans), a plaid shirt (but tied a la Daisy Duke) and of course cowboy boots and a hat!

Snow Bunny

Halloween Snow Bunny

This is a great excuse to pull out your ski jacket! Pair it with short shorts, some Uggs, and maybe a fur hat!

Modern Princess/Movie Star

Princess Movie Star

I've always pictured a modern princess as super glam! Trade out the tiara for a boa and voila - MOVIE STAR!

School Girl

School Girl Pleated Skirt

This is one of my favorite Halloween costumes - mainly because I own way too many pleated skirts and button downs. Add  some thigh-high socks, oxfords, and nerdy glasses to complete the look!


Sexy Secretary

Short tight pencil skirt, fitted white button down, sky high pumps, and a some glasses and you're every man's fantasy in heels!