The New Black: Nail Trends

Nails are the hottest new accessories, so I thought I'd give you my take on the best nail trends!

1)Nail Adornments - Crushed Velvet, Glitter, "Caviar" all very big right now. For a cheaper option go to a craft store to find cool stuff to bling out your nails with. And they sell all of the material necessary for the aforementioned styles! Happy Crafting!

2) Mismatch nails - This is a really fun trend and its a great fix for all the time you wann try a bunch of cool nail things but don't want to wait forever to try them. (or maybe that's just a me thing?)

3) Glitter - It may be a Bi*#h to remove, but it seems that glitter is here to stay. I love that glitter ombre nail! Going to need to try that soon!

4) Framing - This is pretty new but with this style adorning the MAC campaign its gonna get pretty big! There are sooo many possibilities with this! I wanna try a dark hot pink with black!!

5) Ombre - is still ruling the nail world. Stay fresh by creating your own ombre sets (like the one directly below)

xx ash